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Hey Guys, Josh here once more...

And on this page I have one important question for you.. 

How would you like to be able to use EXACTLY the same content syndication software that we use to rank our sites on page 1 of Google FAST and for the LONG-TERM?  

I’m talking about the SAME syndication platform that allows us to syndicate our content to over 25+ high-quality social sites in a matter of MINUTES! 

Yup, we’ve automated THAT aspect of our business as well. 

We’ve gone from streamlining our monetization with Adtivate, to Automating our Content with AiutoBlogger and FINALLY automating the syndication of our content with what we have for you on THIS page. 

This Is The FINAL Piece To Our Traffic, Rankings And Monetization Formula!

So let’s go ahead and jump right into this…

Our most proven way to get fast page 1 rankings that STICK for the LONG-TERM is by leveraging high-quality social websites to notify Google that our sites deserve to be ranked on the first page.

Today, if you don’t have a social aspect built-in to your strategy, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to get LONG-TERM results with your MyVideoSpy Campaigns.

Trust me, social syndication is the most powerful strategy we use to ensure our videos and niche sites get ranked, FAST and for the LONG-TERM!!

Hell, even though it failed miserably - Google itself created an entire Social sharing network! If that doesn’t show you that Social is important, I don’t know what will.

Social Sharing is the golden-goose that will ensure you get an unlimited amount of free, targeted BUYER traffic for YEARS to come.

And luckily for you, we’ve also been able to automate your entire Social syndication process as well.  

We Have Simplified Getting FAST Page 1 Rankings For Your Niche Sites And Videos Into 3 Simple Steps!


Automatic Account Creation on 25+ Authority sites

The first step to getting QUALITY social syndication is to create accounts that you’ll be using for your syndication purposes. 

This step is usually one of the MOST frustrating steps of them all. Why? Well, because you have to create the accounts MANUALLY! And let me tell you, manually creating 25+ accounts is NOT fun and takes DAYS to complete! 

Or you can pay someone $50-$100 to do it for you. On this page, you’ll see how we’ve automated that for you! 

Yup, you will NEVER have to manually create accounts for yourself OR for your clients EVER AGAIN!


Automatic Content Generation for ANY niche, ANY keyword or ANY industry AND for ALL your campaigns

This is another BIG and VERY important step for ANY quality social syndication. With a few clicks of your mouse you’ll be able to generate quality, unique content for ALL your syndication campaigns to ensure you get the BEST results! 

Automating your content generation is one of the BIGGEST time and money savers you can ask for. You will ALWAYS need content. You CANNOT build a business online WITHOUT IT! 

However, writing it yourself takes a TON of time and hiring a writer is VERY expensive. 

On this page, you’re going to see how we’ve automated that process so you can focus on getting RANKINGS and traffic, while we generate high-quality content FOR YOU! 


Automatic Content Syndication to 25+ Social Authority Sites To SKYROCKET your videos or niche sites to the FIRST Page of Google and YouTube

This step is what equips you with that ULTIMATE Trifecta Power Punch! Proper and QUALITY social syndication is the GOLDEN GOOSE to securing as MANY page 1 rankings as you’d like! 

Everyone always wonders “What’s the BIG secret that the “gooroos” use to get those results? 

Well, SURPRISE - THIS is THE Secret: Quality, social syndication. And with step #3, we take care of that for you as well. 

And that’s it! 

Quality Social Syndication That Delivers FAST Page 1 Rankings Has Been Simplified Into 3 Simple Steps!

There is NO software to download or install (everything runs on your web browser) 
There is NO additional expenses for you (no captchas or proxies needed - we take care of that FOR YOU) 
There are NO complicated, technical steps for you to learn. Everything is set up in a step-by-step process so EVERYONE can use our platforms. 
There is NO manual account creation needed on your part ANYMORE
There is NO manual content creation needed on your part ANYMORE 
You don’t have to PAY anyone to create accounts for you 
You don’t have to PAY anyone to write CONTENT for you 
NONE of that - We have SIMPLIFIED the WHOLE process! 

Getting FAST Page 1 Rankings Via The POWER of FULLY-AUTOMATIC Social Syndication has NEVER been THIS EASY!

Allow Me To Introduce You To...

Now Before You Jump ALL Over This Offer, I Wanted To Make It Even BETTER For You!

As a VERY special, limited-time bonus, we're also going to include our Automated WordPress Plugin 100% FOR FREE with your purchase TODAY!

Our WP Plugin is SOLD SEPARATELY For $97! (Seriously) It sells as its own upgrade offer when someone purchases SyndTrio. 

And for good reason:

Our Booster Plugin Automatically Syndicates  All The Content On Your Sites 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week Without You Having To Lift A Single Finger!

Yup, so EVERY single post that our AiutoBlogger plugin writes and posts for you, would then be AUTOMATICALLY syndicated RIGHT AWAY to over 25, high-quality social sites with our SyndTrio Booster Plugin.

Let Me Show You How Simple It Is To Get Our Booster Plugin Working For YOU!

With Our Plugin:

You’ll be able to  Have every NEW post you make automatically sent to your SyndLab account to be syndicated.
You’ll be able to Have every OLD post on your sites syndicated as well and be able to choose by posts or have entire categories syndicated as well.
You’ll be able to have your posts syndicated immediately or schedule them to be syndicated randomly over a certain period of time.

In summary, you’ll be getting a lot more automation and a lot more syndication WITHOUT you having to do ANY additional work.

and the best part?

You’re Getting Our Booster Plugin As A FREE Bonus On This Page TODAY! (This Is VERY Limited)

This takes care of the syndication and rankings side of things since our Booster plugin DOES IT FOR YOU! 

Especially for those of you that picked up our Unlimited-Sites upgrade which lets you quickly build a niche-site empire. Our Booster Plugin will put your syndication and rankings on STEROIDS!

At This Point, We’ve Covered ALL The Bases!

You got your monetization covered with Adtivate  

You got your content writing, posting and optimization covered by AiutoBlogger

And NOW, you got ALL of your content syndication taken care of by this powerful SyndTrio Bundle pack. 

Talk about awesome, right?

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SyndTrio’s Proprietary Scheduling System ($97 value) 
SyndLab’s full Syndication Reporting And Analytics System  ($97 value)
BONUS: Our Automated Booster WordPress Plugin  ($97 value)
And much much more.. (see the full details below) 

Access SyndTrio NOW!

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Only $67

Free Bonus: SyndTrio Booster WP Plugin
Credits For SyndCreator: 20
(1 credit is 1 account created)
Credits For SyndContent: 200
(1 credit is 1 article generated) 
Social Profiles: 10
Monthly Syndication Submissions: 200
RSS Feeds: YES
Full Reports and Analytics: YES 
Access To Self-Hosted Platforms: NO 
Access To API: NO 
Access To Scheduler: YES, Up To 3 Days 
Ability to syndicate to video sites: NO
License – Personal Use
Periodic Updates 
Basic Support 
One-time payment 
Adtivate + SyndTrio Booster

most value

pro  agency

Only $97

Free Bonus: SyndTrio Booster WP Plugin
Credits For SyndCreator: 100
(1 credit is 1 account created) 
Credits For SyndContent: 2000
(1 credit is 1 article generated) 
Social Profiles: 25
Monthly Syndication Submissions: 2000
RSS Feeds: YES
Full Reports and Analytics: YES 
Access To Self-Hosted Platforms: YES 
Access To API: YES 
Access To Scheduler: YES, Up To 14 Days 
Ability to syndicate to video sites: YES
License – Personal Agency Use 
Regular Updates 
Priority Support 
One-time payment 
Adtivate + SyndTrio Booster

No Thanks I prefer to NOT put my content syndication on complete autopilot.

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